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Building Supplies

Steelrite has a huge range of building supplies to get your home or shed off the ground. Steelrite stock stair stringers, treads and More.

We recommend to our customers to provide  drawings or seek engineers advice when requesting quotes.

  • Stair Stringers - 1 Tread to 17 Tread (Hot Dipped Galvanised)

  • Stair Tread - Hardwood Timber or Aluminium

  • House Stumps - Custom made, Adjustable,  Weld on, Screw on & Beam supports.

  • Structural Steel - Beam, PFC Channel, Plates, Angle Brackets, Posts and Cross bracing

  • Fixings - Bolts, Nuts, Extension Nuts, Screws, Washers & Turn Buckles

  • Guttering - Quad, Box, Compact

  • Purlins - C, Z, Batterns & Top Hat

  • Nesting Channel - 100mm - 250mm

  • Groove Tube - 100mm - 150mm

  • Corrugated or Monoclad sheetmetal (Zinc or Colorbond)

  • House Framing - Stud, Plate & Noggin

  • Floor Systems - Joists, Columns and Posts

  • Carport Kits - Engineered, Instructions included

If we dont have it in stock for your needs we can make it for you or have it in just a few working days. Just ask our sales team for a quote today.

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