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Steelrite has a huge range of fittings for trailers, fencing, gates and more. Being the largest downee stockest in the widebay area we off a huge range of options.

Fittings & Accessories Range

  • Hinges - Ball Bearing, Weld on, Bolt on & screw on
    Rural Gate Hinges, Clamp on & timber options.

  • Latches - Dlatch, Gate Bows, Drop, Pad, Lockable & Chain Latche

  • Brackets - Angle, Straight, Shelf, Adjustable and structural

  • Rollers - Gates, Receessed, Overhead Doors & Gate automation

  • Caps - Plastic, Galvanised, Round, Square & Weld ons

  • Hand Rail - Supports, Flanges, Weld on Elbows, Caps, Zinc Plated, Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Joiners, Clamps & Intersections

  • Posts - Styrups, Flanges, Supports, Stainless Wire & Turn Buckles

  • Fencing - UClips, Netting Clips, Pliers, Tie Wire & Post Caps

  • Pipe Fencing - Corners, Crosses, Tees Joiners, Universal Clamps, Post Clamps, Rail Clamps, 2 Part Hinges, Flanges and Caps

*Prices shown in some images are subject to change.

  • Aivery Joiners - For 25 x 25mm RHS, 3way, 4way, 5way

  • Aluminium Joiners - For 25 x 25 x 1.2mm Box

  • Gate Automation - Motors, Remotes, Sensors, Track, Arms, Guide Block or Rollers, Racking, Solar Panels, Battery & Flashing Light

  • Building Brackets - Groove Tube, Purlin, Apex & Joining Brackets, Pulin Bolts, Facia Bolts & Framing Screws

  • Trailers - Tie Downs, Toggle Latches, Anti Rattle, Lockable, Spring Latches, Heavy Hinges and Ratchet Straps

  • Fixings - Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws & True Bolts or Dyna Bolts

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